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Established in 2010, the Hong Kong Forum for Responsible Drinking (FReD) is a coalition formed by the major companies engaging in the importing and selling of beer, spirits and wine in Hong Kong.
FReD aims to provide a platform for the alcoholic beverage industry to engage the Government, lawmakers, catering trade, consumers and other stakeholders on initiatives to promote responsible drinking in Hong Kong.

FReD's beliefs

With the correct attitudes towards alcohol consumption, drinking could be part of our way of life. As major players in the alcoholic beverage industry, FReD holds a strong belief that distributors, importers and sellers of beer, spirits and wine should be ambassadors in the community to encourage responsible drinking in order to make drinking an enjoyable part of life.

FReD's mission

  • To promote responsible use of alcoholic beverage
  • To work in partnership with government and/or social organisations to support targeted initiatives that promotes responsible drinking
support targeted initiatives that promotes responsible drinking One of the key initiatives of FReD is directed to combat drink-driving in Hong Kong. It launched its debut campaign in February 2010, with the message "If you drink, don't drive", to remind drivers to drink responsibly at all times.